dobrý den!


photo of the guy, Ivy City 2017
Hello, I’m Lou!

Hey there, I’m Lou Capwell! I take pictures, and spend a lot of time on trains. Wanna get in touch? that’s easy.


I am, primarily, a photographer specializing in railroad event photo. That work can be found at Centerbeam Photo, my event photography company. We’re available for events large (really large, sometimes!) and small.

I also do a fair amount of (mostly) rail-related marketing. Social media management, online ticket sales, digital advertising analytics and consulting, chances are you’ve seen my work if you’re involved in the industry. For a taste of that world, check out Centerbeam Social sometime.

For more photo of railroad operations, my Flickr page is an excellent place to start, and if you’re looking for a more up-to-the-second accounting of what I’m up to, I update my Instagram pretty often as I roam the country.