You guys, it’s OFFICIAL! Today I’m launching Louis Capwell Exclusive Environmental Portrait Special Happy Photo’s!! I’ve talked to SO many of my friends and they were all like “Lou, we Love your picture’s, you could TOTALLY do this for money ” so today I’m announcing it to everyone!

I looked on You-Tube and there is TONS of great resources for proffessionall photographer’s there! Who would of thought that “going pro” (lol but no really) would be so EASY?  To show you all the awesome stuff I can do with your special pictures, here are some examples of my “handy-work!”


This is what’s known as a “vignette!” It’s prounciated different than it looks, but just look how pretty your little guy will look with this special effect. Since I don’t want anyone stealing my PROFFESSIONNALL PHOTO’S there’s a subtle watermark on each one on my web-site. Don’t worry- when you get your photo’s printed at Walmart’s they won’t be there.


This is a sepea picture. It’s alot like vintage photo’s from the 80s (80s! am I right? party!) so you can feel like your in a vintage time when people used analog (this means film) camera for their camera photo’s. Want a sepea vignette? We can do that!


You guys, this is my favorite. It’s a really brand new trend in the digital photography and look how it makes the photo “pop.” That’s what it means when a picture is good but you don’t know why it’s good its just good lol!  Seriously tho when everything but one thing is in black and white its really cool.


So now that I made this announcement the next step I guess is you guys tell me how much you want to pay me for these picture’s lol I can maybe meet you in a park (the internet says that “environmental portraits” happen in the environment sooo I think thats what these are?) or at your house or maybe by a lake its up to you! Tell all your friends too I’ll make a business website on Face-Book too so make sure you “like” that when I do it! Im SO excited!!