2012- The Second Half


That’s all I can really think when I look back on 2012. Since we last spoke in August, I won a photo contest, I drove across the country, I shot some weddings, I shot a massive six-weekend event in Orange County, and I got a kitten. That’s a lot of stuff! Have a look!

Happy New Year, everyone. Let’s have a great 2013.


In case you want to see how things went last year (rather well, I’d say!), have a look here.


Wedding – Coplay, PA

>I’m in the midst of getting my wedding photography website set up and ready to go, and so of course I’ve been sorting through what has quickly become four summers’ worth of wedding work. In a folder inside a folder, I came across this image, which is from my FIRST wedding shoot, ever. I’d done a few assists and small ceremony kinds of things, but this was the first *real* all-day thing that I was in charge of. Needless to say, it was a bumpy ride, as anyone’s first wedding is bound to be, complete with a late limo, rain/no rain/rain/sun, questionable make-up decisions, angry women calling me “Joe” all day, and finally, the reception in a fire hall behind the old Laneco in Coplay. It was a long, strange day, but we got through it ok. I think this shot sums the whole thing up nicely.