Nature Photography Weekend Wrap-up

Not Fast Enough!


The Canyon Inn’s Nature Photography Weekend was an immense success – great weather, fortunate early-blooming flowers, and some awesome people really came together for a fun time. We had nearly twenty people out on the trails at any given time, and the level of skill and inventiveness on display was mindblowing. Sure, I could talk about how amazing and creative everyone was, but why not let their photography speak for itself, on the official Flickr photostream of the weekend:

Nature Photography Weekend Announcement!


In but a few short weeks, from March 23-25 2012, I’ll be hosting a nature photography weekend at McCormick’s Creek State Park, in scenic Spencer, IN. We’ll explore outdoor and landscape photography using modern photographic techniques, and I’ll teach you how to get the most from your camera in a fun, informal atmosphere. For more information please contact Laura Stantz at the Canyon Inn, McCormick Creek’s lovely hotel, at or by phone on 812-829-4881.